Level up

your game

Marc helps people to develop and implement adaptive strategies, habits and routines to lead a considered life and thrive at peak performance.

Level up

your game

Marc supports people in developing and implementing adaptive strategies, habits and routines to lead a considered life and thrive at peak performance.

What people are saying ...

... about coaching

I’ve seen Marc’s work and experienced his guiding principles in action.  Thoughtful and measured in planning but yet unrepentant in execution Marc is like a Zen Monster when it comes to getting good sh*t done.  Whether you’re seeking a transformation leader for your organization or looking for a personal performance coach.... Look no further.  Marc is your guy!

John F.

John is a self-employed senior project manager focusing on delivering value from IT to business.

... about The Considered Life podcast

The Considered Life Podcast is well-researched, well-argued and really well-told. Things like "decision fatigue" and "ego depletion" are at the core of human behaviour and needs - and knowing about them prepares you for business AND personal life!

Manuel S.

Manuel is part of the Solution Consulting Team for Asana,  a global leading work management solution and mindful technology.

... about The DART Principle

The DART Principle as an absolutely awesome book! It's a reference for me in terms of task organisation but also self development. Marc explains in clear language the neuroscientific prinicples underlying human possibilities, opportunities and limitations and how to use these findings to level up your life.

Guillaume L.

Guillaume is a life coach focusing on helping people to express their true selves and live their passions.

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Claim back your life.

Do you feel out of control? Do you feel your life is owned by anybody but yourself? Overwhelmed by constraints and responsibilities? Overcommitted?

You are not alone. Let's be honest. Wherever you look, people struggle with the same issues. Everybody has too much work, too many roles to play, and while running along misses out on their life.

There's nothing wrong with you. We suffer from an insane mix of stories about how we should be on one side and our own experience of how insufficient we are on the other.

It is time to claim back your life and get back in control.

My mission is to help people to lead a considered life that is intentional, reflected, and sustainable.

If your life looks great from outside but feels like hell inside ...

... we need to talk

I am Marc, the performance coach, specializing in helping people to claim back their lifes so that they regain their balance and thrive at peak performance.

It all starts with taking full ownership and create clarity on your whywhat, and how in a mindful and balanced way.

I can help you make success your new habit without sacrificing who you are.