My Story

I am the founder and managing partner of Marc Kilian Management GmbH, a Swiss-based practice focusing on performance coaching. My work is based on a holistic coaching approach spanning across peak performance, personal effectiveness, life balance, mental health, nutrition, and functional fitness. I use applied science from the fields of neuroscience, nutritional biochemistry, exercise physiology, sleep physiology, techniques to increase distress tolerance, and psychology.

My background spans across a wide array of competencies including peak performance coaching, nutritional science, personal training, and neuroscience. I spent my professional career mainly in the Pharma industry in variety of roles encompassing project management and organizational change management.

The value of life can be measured by

how many times your soul has been deeply stirred.

Soichiro Honda

How do we close the gap between
desire and experience?

It was back in 1980 when my world tumbled down into debris. Traveling through Syria, the military shot both my parents. We all nearly lost our lives in the warzone. You can read the full story in The DART Principle.

In the aftermath of the events, the single truth about life became omnipresent in my mind:

One day will be my last one.

While this is common sense, I noticed that I didn't live my very own life in the spirit of that truth. At that point, my quest to search for deeper meaning started. Along the way, I noticed that many people did seem to struggle with the ongoing discrepancy between the life they desired and the life they led. With that, my interest shifted from information science to human science. How would I go about living the life I truly want? What are the methods and habits I would have to adapt to make that happen?

Over the years, it became clear that there is no single answer to these questions. Just as with anything in life, what works for me does not necessarily work for you. However, I found that some fundamental principles are at the core of claiming back one's life. I wrote The DART Principle because of my desire to share and help other people reclaim ownership of their lives towards the life they truly want.

I am here to help you develop and implement principles, strategies, habits and routines to lead a considered life that is intentional, reflected and sustainable.