The Considered Life

In a world of accelerated change, ambiguity, distraction, overload and uncertainty, this no-nonsense, no-ads podcast explores the foundations, principles, habits and strategies for leading a meaningful, intentional, sustainable, and self-inspected life.

The Considered Life is hosted by Marc Kilian, the peak performance coach based in Switzerland, focusing on helping people truly own their life so they can thrive at peak performance while leading a balanced and fulfilled life.

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We all know that we become tired over the day. Besides the phenomenon called “sleep pressure” that is related to the stacking of certain hormones, there are also other mechanisms that are significantly impacting us. Science calls them “ego depletion” and “decision fatigue”. While they are related, they are not exactly the same thing.

In this episode, I talk about these phenomena, how they affect our everyday lives and strategies to cope.

This episode covers the reasons for pushing out action and focusing on unimportant quick rewards rather than doing what’s really important.

This episode covers the difficulty to put decisions into action, and how to create the habit of execution.