20 Minutes Power Session

Your story

Sometimes, we face situations we feel unable to deal with. Sometimes it is a seemingly small issue we are stuck with. Sometimes it feels like a mountain to climb. Or an entire mountain range.

Sometimes, you just need somebody to reflect the situation at hand. Somebody helping to change your perspective by asking those questions you haven’t asked yourself yet.

You don’t want to sign up for an entire coaching process with 10 sessions out of which you will use just 1. You want help now, right away, for a very specific issue. Period.

The offer

You book an online 20 minute call.

We will skip lengthy introductions and instead jump into “medias res”. You will briefly lay out the issue at hand. I will guide you through the solution process. We will close the session with a recap of action items you will take.

The result

You will walk away with specific actions to take to get the issues out of the way. No fluff, no side-tracking by creating a huge framework around what bothers you. Actions, straight to the point.