Peak Performance Package

Your story

You want to become a better version of yourself. As a person, in your business, your family, as a friend, father, mother, you name it.

Fix your health

Maybe you want to fix these nutrition habits. Maybe you want to live a more active life. You know that you have to **take action**, but you **struggle with the how**.

Fix your business

You may have an issue with a project. With a coworker. With your boss. Maybe you struggle with your performance, as you see that you could do more, if you only know how. Is there a lack of structured approach to higher performance? A way to thrive at peak performance?

Fix your relationships

Maybe there is an issue between you and your spouse or husband, your friend, family, anybody.

Fix your performance

Maybe you spend too much time on Facebook and not sufficient time on getting things done. You may be stuck in the habit of procrastination. Have you taken the habit of avoidance rather than execution?

In short: you need some help in how to get where you deserve to be.

The offer

While there are quick fixes for the individual tiny obstacles in your way, there is no quick fix for the whole. Implement long-lasting change does not happen in a single session nor overnight. You need the confidence, the power, and the right tools to unveil which changes you need to make and follow through to implement them.

You will get

  • 12 × 45-minute online coaching sessions over a six-month period
  • 6 × 15-minute emergency calls you can use whenever you are stuck on a specific issue
  • E-mail support in between sessions for specific how-to questions

The result

Over the six months you will

  • Uncover those habits that are holding you back
  • Develop the habit of discipline and follow-through
  • Implement a simple system so that you will keep the habit of execution
  • Create clarity on your why and how to use it to make significant changes in your life
  • Develop a crystal clear action plan on how to continue to thrive