How are you starting your day? Waking up with your phone in your hand, catching up on e-mail and the latest posts on Instagram/Facebook/(put your own list here)?

You are priming your brain to consumption and laziness. You are distracting yourself from your own life. You are setting yourself up for wasting yet another bunch of precious time.

Instead, make your bed, make a coffee/tea/(put your morning beverage here), sit down and plan your day. What are the results you are going to achieve today? When are you going to achieve them? What are the active recovery times you are going to need to thrive? Which people are you going to interact with today (and meet if you are not locked inside by COVID-19)?

Get up and move.

Memento Mori

Marcus Aurelius writes in his Meditations:

Order not your life as though you had ten thousand years to live. Fate hangs over you. While you live, while yet you may, be good.

Be aware that your life is limited.

Live accordingly.

Every day.

Stand straight

Your posture is a reflection of your inner game.

If you maintain a weak posture on your outside, you feel weak on the inside.

Stand straight and feel the change in your inner game.