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The Considered Life

In a world of accelerated change, ambiguity, distraction, overload and uncertainty, this no-nonsense, no-ads podcast explores the foundations, principles, habits and strategies for leading a meaningful, intentional, sustainable, and self-inspected life.

The Considered Life is hosted by Marc Kilian, the peak performance coach based in Switzerland, focusing on helping people truly own their life so they can thrive at peak performance while leading a balanced and fulfilled life.

How to become my guest



For us both to be sure that we are a good fit for the benefit of our audience, please fill in the questionnaire below. This allows me to understand your context and key messages, as well as preparing the talking line.



This step is optional and advised for complex topics that require scripting. We will allocated 50 minutes (maximum) for a pre-interview. It's important for me that we know each other, build a common foundation for further discussion, and talk through the key aspects of the interview, also based on the questionnaire answers.



We will run and record the interview. The recording time depends on a number of factors. I am flexible regarding the length of the episode, but the final cut is typically between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the topic. The key is that we are providing great value to our audience.



Post-production including editing and transcribing will be done. You will receive a final draft audio version to ensure that you are ok with what will go live.

Subsequently, the episode will be published on The Considered Life.

Before we start

There seems to be a certain level of incoherence in the terms of ownership for podcast interviews in the space. To create clarity upfront here are three defaults that I work from and unless agreed otherwise apply. In case you wish to work from a different basis, let me know and we'll sure find an agreement.

  • At this point in time, The Considered Life is a non-commercial podcast that is provided for the benefit of a global audience as well as an opportunity to grow our audiences. That said, no mutual compensations in neither goods nor currency will be exchanged now or in the future.
  • To support the growth of our audiences, we agree that
    • I will promote your appearance in The Considered Life through the existing process
      • episode page including the show notes and the automatically generated transcript
      • episode feature in my newsletter
      • episode promotion on LinkedIn and Facebook, sometimes to the existing audience through retargeting, sometimes a full paid ad
    • You will promote your appearance to your audience through your available channels as stated in the questionnaire answer "Promotion by guest"
  • The copyright of the raw recording, the edited material, and the transcript remains with me. You retain certainly any copyright of material that you promote in the show, e.g. your book or anything you own and reference.
  • The sole publication platform or the recorded show is The Considered Life, and any other show that may be substituting or complementing the current podcast. Other channels, e.g. your own show, are invited to share the reference to The Considered Life, however the recorded material will not be published on any other platform without my prior consent.


Why a questionnaire? It is important for me that we provide valuable content to our audience, but also that we spend some high quality time together. The more background I have about you, the more focused and value-creating our discussion can be. Ultimately it's not about me asking you questions, but about two human being having an insightful dialogue.

Therefore, as a first step to become a guest, please fill in the below questionnaire. After submitting your answers, you will receive an automated confirmation email that you need to respond so that your email address can be confirmed. This is to prevent spam to happen and is an essential step to our collaboration.